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Our "Eternal Rider" program is a complete training for surfers of all levels and ages, who want to improve their surfing, health and fitness. The objective is to improve their sports performances in their surfing, accompanied by a training of funtional training, personalized nutrition plan, video analysis, Carver skateboarding sessions and surf sessions on southern and northern beaches (additional cost per session).
Our team of experienced personal trainers, nutritionist and surf coaches will be willing to help transform your surfing and take it to eternity!

Welcome Eternal Rider!


    The Carver skateboard will simulate surfing on land with an endless wave.
  • » It helps you to improve your surfing technique.
  • » It teaches you to surf in a fun way and will improve your surfing skills significantly.
  • » You'll be able to use the body movement and skills learned in the Carver when you get on your surfboard.
  • » By repeating the movement in the Carver, a long-term muscle memory is created for the turns, and will allow you to do it, without conscious effort, on your surfboard.


    Carver Training in the skatepark bowl. Introduction to the movements of surf to improve the movements of surf in the Carver.

    Benefits in Technique

  • » Generation of speed - Pump.
  • » Improve your balance.
  • » Work your surfing technique.
  • Benefits in Style

  • » Correct position.
  • » Surf with Style and Fluency.
  • Benefits in Execution

  • » Turning y carving.
  • » Identify and correct errors.
  • » Muscular memory and motor learning.


    Performing exercises centered on agility, balance, flexibility and body alignment (posture) will help prevent injuries and increase the efficiency of your movements while surfing.

    The material we use for training is multiple and varied, can be elastic bands, unstable platforms, medical balls, etc.

    Thus, we are always avoiding the overload and offering a joint work of the stabilizing muscles, which is very important and totally forgotten in traditional training programs with muscle machines.

    Building on this basis and a well-structured training program, benefits and progress are assured. Eternal Wave Peru has its own specific functional training program to apply it to surfing.


  • » Strong.
  • » Speed.
  • » Power.
  • » Agility.
  • » Mobility.
  • » Balance.
  • » Coordination.
  • » Resistance.
  • » Hypertrophy.
  • » Muscle toning.
  • » Improve your posture.


You will be able to try out the latest Martinez Surfboards models, one of the most outstanding shapers in Peru for free. Each model will be available during certain dates.

Dani Martinez Shaper


    Aerobic Capacity

  • » Longer sessios, less fatigue.
  • » Catch more waves per session.
  • » Be able to manage better in rips.
  • Apnea / Freediving

  • » Increase your confidence.
  • » • Manage wipeout situations better.
  • Paddling Technique

  • » Increase your power.
  • » Increase your resistance and paddling efficiency.
  • » Motor learning.


    Analyzing videos is the basic training tool in our coaching program, this will allow the person who practices, visualize and understand how to improve their performance.

    The coach will film you in the surf during your surf sessions. After the session you will analyze all your documented waves in the filming.


    Surfers can be considered a relaxed group of athletes, but surfing is an intense workout.

    Rowing with your board works your entire body, from the shoulders to the core of the legs, and requires a good cardiovascular conditioning.

    Like any athlete, if you want to do your best, you need to eat well.


    Leaving the Costa Verde and running waves on beaches in the south and north of Peru is a great opportunity for every surfer to be able to expand their surfing to the fullest.

    Surfing all kinds of waves, knowing the safety details of each beach, knowing the characteristics of each wave, the physical requirement in each type of wave, develop confidence and security in any type of situation, mentally get used to the landscape around you and finally feel at home.

    It does not matter if you find yourself in the most distant and inhospitable wave of what you are accustomed to.


So, if you're determined to make the most of your time in the water, send us an email and join us.
You can join at any time of the year to our Eternal Rider program.