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In the fourth and last level of surfing, all surf classes will be directed to the proper performance of committed maneuvers, in the most critical part of the wave, with the power and speed necessary to chain complicated maneuvers. Focusing on what aspects of your surfing need to improve and how to focus their evolution. You will learn which exercises are important to break your mental barriers or your limitations, working psychological and tactical aspects if necessary.

The maneuvers to practice and perfect are the following:

• Radical maneuvers in the hollow of the wave for powerful surfing.
• Wide repertoire of maneuvers with a high degree of difficulty, such as 'reverse' or 'aerial'.
• Chain different types of maneuvers in the same wave without losing control or speed ('flow')..
• Define your own style.

These are some of the basic movements that are used. You may think that the language is very technical, but, let's not be scared, you at your pace ... you have to go slowly but surely.

1. Take Off: It is the first maneuver you will do, it is the moment you stop rowing lying on the board and you stand, ready to slide on the wave. It's down the wall of the wave.

2. Bottom Turn: This is a turn that is done after the take off. When you already have the momentum in the descent of the wave you must turn to escape the part of the wave that is breaking. In the lower part of the wave does not impel you and you must turn to go up again and not go directly to the shore, in other words so that you can walk the wall of the wave.

3. Cut Back: It's almost the opposite of the Botton turn, once you've slid down the wall of the wave, you make a nearly 180º turn to get closer to it.

4. Reentry: You climb up to the crest of the wave and make a sharp turn of 180 degrees to lower it. Also called Carving (carvear).

5. Floater: Consists of navigating on the foam of a wave that breaks or "breaks".

6. Tube: Slide through the inside of the tube that creates the wave when breaking. This wave is Queen of Surf for its difficulty and spectacularity. It is the perfect wave and dreamed by every surfer.

7. Aerial: You fly above the wave, entering it again. In these movements you can distinguish "grabs" (ways to hold the board with your hands in the air - front, behind, with both hands at the same time, etc.). One of the most spectacular is the "Aerial-360" in which you take a complete turn in the air.

8. 360 degrees: You make a complete turn on the axis of the board, skidding the tail or through the air.

9. Snap: Brakes dry and fast the board, skidding its tail. A kind of cutback more abrupt and with a smaller twist.

10. Roller: Take the board above the wave leaving the tail.

And remember that the important thing in surfing is to have fun and meet people enjoying your favorite sport.